How It Works

Sterling New Life is an affordable housing solution for senior Australians.

How It Works  

Affording retirement can be difficult. For many Australians, a lifetime spent supporting children and elderly parents has left very little in savings to afford retirement. Coupled with mortgage, debt and limited income from the pension, it’s not uncommon for seniors to feel there are no options left to live comfortably in retirement.

It was from this insight that Sterling New Life was born.

Sterling New Life is an innovative and affordable housing solution for senior Australians. Through our unique housing system, seniors are able to resize their accommodation at a fraction of the cost of traditional downsizing. With the savings they free up, many of our residents have gone on to settle their mortgages, pay off any debt and retire with financial peace of mind.  

We don’t build retirement villages. Our homes are ideally located within the general communities throughout Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland. This way, our residents are able to continue living without restriction in the way that they choose.

In June, we asked our residents how the system had changed their life...

100% said Sterling New Life provided them with a better quality of life

100% said Sterling New Life helped them afford their retirement 

100% were less anxious for their future in retirement**

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We've helped a number of Australians across Australia retire comfortably.  

All Your Questions Answered

What is a Sterling New Life?

In 2013 we started developing what has become Sterling New Life.  We wanted to see if there was a better way than the traditional retirement village and leisure village offerings.  Our primary aims were:

  • Freeing up cash so you can enjoy life in retirement;
  • Eliminate weekly charges; and
  • Eliminate Exit Fees

What are the main benefits of Sterling New Life?

  • Upfront fees: Out of your initial payment, a service fee equal to 8.8% is deducted.
  • Exit fees: There are NO exit fees payable.
  • Other fees and costs: None.

Sterling New Life is a genuine alternative to traditional downsizing options which results in cash being freed up for living a more comfortable life in retirement.  

A retirement village alternative, Sterling New Life is essentially a long term secure residential lease of 20 to 40 years on a property owned by an investor and located within the general community.  There are different ways, or Options to do this, each of which has a different (SNL Amount*) so you can determine which one best suits your needs and situation. 

* See Important Information [Click here] for a description of what SNL Amount refers to

And if your living needs or circumstances change - or you simply decide that Sterling New Life isn’t for you - you have the option to leave without incurring any exit fees.

What are the main benefits of Sterling New Life compared to Retirement villages? 

You do not have any ongoing out of pocket outlays for rent, common facility charges and only minimal property maintenance expenses.  When you end your Sterling New Life, you do not have any reselling fees or exit fees such as deferred management fees.

How do I apply for a Sterling New Life?

It is a six stage process to secure a Sterling New Life:

1. Discovery - be guided through a detailed discovery process relating to the Sterling New Life product, then be presented with a comprehensive disclosure booklet with all the information you need for you to seek your own independent advice.

2. Suitable Property - Select a property to be your new home from our property list

3. Intention to Proceed Reservation - Sign a 14 day non-binding Intention to Proceed Reservation.  This 14 day period gives you time to complete or seek any additional independent advice to ensure that you have chosen the Option that is best for you. 

4. Sterling New Life Offer - Sign the Offer to Enter into a Sterling New Life

5. Satisfy Conditions Precedent - Satisfy any conditions precedent to the entering into the Sterling New Life tenancy agreement, i.e sale of your existing house or related actions to access the required funds. 

6. Sterling New Life Tenancy Agreement - Enter into the Sterling New Life tenancy agreement and other related documents, then move into your new home. 

To secure a Sterling New Life, you will be required to pay a one-off amount to the company which will then be used to pay your rent over the duration of the lease. Part of this amount will cover an initial service fee . 

At no time will you be asked to make any further cash contributions to your rental payments.

What are the fees?

  • Upfront Fees:  Out of your (SNL Amount*) a service fee equal to 8.8% is deducted
  • Exit Fees: there are NO exit fees payable
  • Other Fees and costs:  None

Sterling New Life prides itself on being a trustworthy and transparent company; once the (SNL Amount*) has been paid, no further payments will be required.

* See Important Information [Click here] for a description of what SNL Amount refers to

What if I need to sell my existing home? 

If you need to sell your home, we can work with you and can assist in arranging the sale of your home so that you are ready to move into your new home at the right time. 

Who will own the house that I lease?

The property you choose to live in will be owned by an investor.  

Each property is managed by Rental Management Australia, an affiliate of Sterling New Life, for the life of the Sterling New Life. 

If the Landlord sells the property, the Sterling New Life and the Managing Agent's agreement are assigned to the new owner.

A change in ownership will have NO effect on the Sterling New Life arrangements. 

What happens if the property is sold?

If the property is ever sold by an owner it will have NO effect on your Sterling New Life. The Sterling New Life stays with the property and is assigned to a new owner as the ownership passes.

Am I allowed pets?

Yes - you are allowed to have pets in your Sterling New Life home, subject to any restrictions in the strata by-laws on a specific property. 

What ongoing expenses will I incur?

There are minimal annual out-of-pocket expenses required from you during your Sterling New Life. Your landlord is responsible for paying:

  • All council rates
  • Water rates
  • Building Insurance
  • Building Maintenance

Will my age pension be affected by taking out a Sterling New Life?

It is possible that your old age pension may be affected. If you have concerns, it is recommended you obtain independent financial advice from a licensed financial adviser or the government's Financial Information Service to assess your situation.

How much of my initial Sterling New Life payment will I get back when I choose to leave my Sterling New Life home?

The amount that you get back will vary depending on the investment you make when entering into a Sterling New Life. 

Your Sterling New Life Sales Representative cannot provide you with financial advice however they will provide you with all the information to allow you to obtain that advice. 

* See Important Information [Click here] for a description of what SNL Amount refers to

Are there any exit fees?

There are NO exit fees with a Sterling New Life.

* Conditions Apply

** Based on findings from Sterling New Life Resident Survey, conducted June 2017