How It Works

Sterling New Life is an affordable housing solution for senior Australians.

How It Works  

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1. Choose Your Sterling New Life Property 

We have a range of homes in established residential suburbs across Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria.

2. Make An Initial, Once-Off Payment  

This payment includes an application fee and the first month's rent. The remaining balance is invested in income generating assets.

3. Your Investment Is Used  

Your investment generates income, which covers your rent. Any surplus is reinvested. 

4. Enjoy Your Sterling New Life Home 

Live in your home for up to 40 years without weekly rent, council rates or land tax to pay.

5. Recieve Back Your Investment 

When you decide to leave, your investment will be returned to you or your estate.*

Why Choose Sterling New Life


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Affording retirement can be difficult. For many Australians, a lifetime spent supporting children and elderly parents has left very little in savings to afford retirement. Coupled with mortgage, debt and limited income from the pension, it’s not uncommon for seniors to feel there are no options left to live comfortably in retirement.

It was from this insight that Sterling New Life was born.

Sterling New Life is an innovative and affordable housing solution for all senior Australians. Through our unique housing system, retirees are able to resize their accommodation at a fraction of the cost of traditional downsizing. With the savings they free up, many of our residents have gone on to settle their mortgages, pay off any debt and retire with complete financial peace of mind.  

We don’t build retirement villages. Our homes are ideally located within established communities throughout Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland. This way, our residents are able to continue living without restriction in the way they choose.

In June, we asked our residents how the system had changed their life...

100% said Sterling New Life provided them with a better quality of life

100% said Sterling New Life helped them afford their retirement 

100% were less anxious for their future in retirement**

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We're helped a number of Australians across Australia retire comfortably.  

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* Terms and Conditions Apply. Please contact us for more information. 

** Based on findings from Sterling New Life Resident Survey, conducted June 2017