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What Is A Sterling New Life?


A Sterling New Life begins with an initial 5-year lease. This lease can be extended up to 7 times, allowing you the flexibility to stay up to 40 years in the property of your choosing. If your living needs or circumstances change - or you simply decide that Sterling New Life isn’t for you - you have the option to leave without incurring any exit fees.


The unique advantages a Sterling New Life has over a standard property lease include:

- Security of tenure: You have peace of mind that a landlord wont appear and ask you to leave without a moment’s notice.

- More privacy: Our property managers check in on your property less than traditional rental companies, giving you added privacy

- Pets are generally allowed: We understand that family comes in many different forms and fur colours!


What Does It Cost?


To secure a Sterling New Life, you will be required to pay a one-off amount to the company. Part of this amount will cover an initial application fee and your first month of rent. The remaining balance will be invested in income generating assets.

The income generated from these assets  will then be used to pay your rent for the duration of your lease. At no time will you be asked to make any further cash contributions to your rental payments.


What Are The fees?


- Upfront fees: Out of your initial payment, an application fee equal to 8.8% of the agreed investment amount and one month’s rent is deducted.

 - Exit fees: There are NO exit fees payable.

 - Other fees and costs: None. Sterling New Life prides itself on being a trustworthy and transparent company; once the initial investment has been made, no further payments will be required.


What If I Need To Sell My Existing Home?


If you need to sell your home, Sterling First can work with you. Sterling First is a real estate agent and can guide you through the complete sale of your home.


Who Will Own The House That I Lease?


The property you choose to live in will be owned by either an investor or by the Sterling First company.


What Happens If The Property Is Sold?


If the property is ever sold by an owner it will have NO effect on your Sterling New Life. The Sterling New Life stays with the property and is assigned to a new owner as the ownership passes.


What Ongoing Expenses Will I Incur?


There are minimal annual out-of-pocket expenses required from you during your Sterling New Life. Your landlord is responsible for paying:

- All council rates

- Land tax

- Building Insurance

- Building Maintenance*


Will My Age Pension Be Affected By Taking Out A Sterling New Life?


It is possible that your old age pension may be affected. If you have concerns, it is recommended you consult a licensed financial advisor to assess your situation.

Can I Get Federal Government Rent Assistance On The Age Pension?


Depending on your personal financial circumstances, you may be eligible for Federal Government Rental Assistance. You will need to contact Centrelink or Veterans Affairs to find out what you are entitled to.


How Much Of My Initial Sterling New Life Outlay Will I Get Back When The Lease Is Terminated?


When you elect to move out and terminate your lease – whether it is after 5 years or 40 – you are entitled to redeem your investment. At that time, you will receive the balance of your initial investment amount inclusive of any distributions that have been re-invested, plus capital growth (if any) and less rent arrears (if any).


Are There Any Exit Fees?


There are NO exit fees from a Sterling New Life.


Important Notice


Information provided on this website is of a general nature. It is not intended as personal financial advice and, as individual circumstances do vary, you should consult your financial adviser.


* Conditions Apply