Marla & David Cade from Meadow Springs are now able to travel.

"We are now free to use our savings to travel and really enjoy our retirement, and it didn't effect my pension" said David.

"The team at Sterling New Life explained everything perfectly and at no point did we feel pressured into doing anything we didn't want to. At last we are now living the retirement we have always dreamed of."

Marla & David Cade

Sylvia & Ray Staples were unhappy with lifestyle villages. 


“We had looked at all the options including lifestyle villages and retirement homes, but all of these alternatives included ongoing weekly fees."


 “What impressed us about Sterling New Life is they go out of their way to ensure everything is right for you.”


“It really is a ‘win-win’ situation and I am happy to talk to anyone about the process and recommend Sterling New Life.

Sylvia & Ray Staples

Tony was able to retire on his own terms.


“I really did my homework about Sterling New Life and talked to my lawyer and tax accountant before I made my mind up that this was for me. It has allowed me to have the lifestyle I wanted during retirement and still be able to leave a benefit to my children and grandchildren."

Tony Crowther

Retirees Jean & Norman Clegg tried living in a retirement village but decided it was not for them.


“For us Sterling New Life’s concept was a Godsend, we have a long-term lease on a home which we love” said Mrs Clegg. "Everything was explained about the legalities and now we are free to use our savings to really enjoy our latter years.  For us it was a win/win situation and I could not recommend Sterling New Life enough.”  

Norman & Jean Clegg